Characteristics of LogisALL Integrated Logistics
  • 4PL-based supply chain integration system combining 3PL with IT solutions and logistics consulting to maximize value added
    (Transportation,Container , People + IT, Consulting)
  • JIT System optimized for product production, maximizing efficiency
  • Realize SCM Visibility through the Information System such as TMS, PDA, and GPS
01. Operating strategy

1. Simplify/Standardize Pallet&Container

Building the Foundation for Logistics Integration

- Development of pallet&container according to production methods (line to line design)

Integrated operation of individual pallet&container

2. Pool System

Pool Operations for Logistics Infrastructure

- Pool for transport vehicles, pallet&container, and logistics personnel

Minimize logistics costs

3. JIT System

JIT System Optimized for Product Production

- Establishing a schedule of car dispatching linked to the production schedule of products

4. Material Quality Assurance

Zero quality problems during material movement

- Quality assurance on the move to line to line service

5. Logistics Information System

Realize SCM Visibility

- Supply chain/inventory/realize indicator visibility

02. Operational range

Provide customized logistics services, including consulting, for all aspects of Inbound logistics from vendor to customer.

Inbound logistics Process

03. Integrated transport
  • Increase transportation efficiency by integrating Vendor with logistics company
  • Provide logistics quality of products by operating vehicles specialized to customers

As-is (Individual transport)

  • Vendor-specific delivery

    * Vehicle operation by Vendor increases number of operations and logistics costs

  • General Vehicle Operation

    * Vendor product specific vehicle modification and transportation

To-be (Joint transport)

  • Logistics Company Integrated Transport

    * Reduced number of operations and logistics costs through joint transport by area

  • Operate the vehicle to suit the material characteristics

    * Securing logistics quality by operating vehicles according to material characteristics

04. Manpower integration
  • Vendor individual personnel management through specialized logistics
  • Flexible staffing according to changes in production lines and personnel according to vendor volume

As-is (Operation of individual personnel)

  • Send Vendor-Specific Personnel
    • Overload at work site by personnel input whenever necessary
    • Redundant personnel for the same task
  • Field management of individual companies
    • No manager for field personnel
    • No Workshop Operation Manual

To-be (Workforce integration)

  • Logistics Company Workforce integration
    • Uniformity and safety shoes of the working personnel
    • Uniformized / Unified Organizational Activities Available
  • 3-jeong 5S Activity
    • Specialized logistics company's workforce integration
    • Reinforcement of improvement activities (3-jeong 5S)
    • Logistics training through training (regular / frequent / if necessary)
05. Pallet & Container pool
  • Effects of logistics cost reduction operation process through pallet&container pool operation (for common use)
  • Reduction of material nonconformity rate, reduction of burden of investment in pallet&container, and improvement of storage space efficiency.

As-is (Using individual pallet & container)

  • Vendor using individual pallet & container
  • Operating method
    • Build/operate your own pallet & container by vendor
    • Use hundreds of different types depending on individual specification operations
    • Individual operation increases overall operational quantity

To-be (Standardize/pooling pallet & container)

  • Integrated operation/management of pallet & container from specialized logistics companies
  • Operating method
    • Vendor's integration of pallet & container by simplifying and standardizing logistics containers
    • Reduction of overall pallet & container operation quantity (more than 30%)
06. Logistics Information System Operation
  • Pallet & container pool operation (for common use) to reduce logistics costs
  • Effects of improving processes, reducing material nonconformities, reducing burden on pallet & container and improving efficiency of warehouse space.

Inbound Integrated Logistics System

Inbound Integrated Logistics System contents
Material Procurement Vendor Customer
  • Customer production current situation
  • Customer 內 Inventory / pallet & container current seating.
  • Information on the transportation of materials and the retrieve of pallet & container.
  • Real-time Vendor material preparation status.
  • Real-Time Material Transportation Status and Arrival Information.
  • Customer 內 Inventory Status for each Vendor.
Integrated Logistics Operation Case
  • Samsung
    • Asan Campus
    • Samsung Suzhou Module(China)
    • Samsung Suzhou LCD(China)
  • LG
    • HAC place of business (Changwon)
    • HE place of business (gumi)
  • BGF