Global SCM

Background of introduction
  • As global auto parts trade increases, CKD procurement volume also increases, and most of them use disposable packaging containers.
  • Remove waste of disposable materials by introducing returnable logistics containers. improve parts safety during transport and promote to reduce production cost by removing assembly line.
  • KCP develops, supplies, and operates packaging containers, and overseas management and container recovery utilizes KCP overseas base transport infrastructure.

Sales / Operations Infra

  • KCP Korean corporation is responsible for supply/operation/management of containers.
  • KCP overseas corporation provides the base of collection, storage and delivery of empty containers.
  • Status of KCP's overseas subsidiaries
    - Operate six branches in five countries (to be established in Indonesia, Europe, etc.)
  • Global capability is achieved by establishing box pooling system between countries through the expansion of the Global Returnable Box Pooling business.
Advantage over Disposable

Disposable Container vs Returnable Container

Disposable container Returnable container
Disposable Pallet Multiple use pallet
Small packing box Nesting Box
Collapsible Box
Heavy weight packaging case 2goals Sleeve Case
Wooden Box
Steel Pallet Steel Container

Multiple use pallet

Features of returnable multiple use pallet

  • It is a floor pallet for returnable box and bending strength / impact strength is improved over the existing pallet for export by mixing additives in the remanufactured PP.
  • Can be used multiple times to reduce cost.

Nesting, Collapsible Box

Features of returnable box

  • No outer frame required because box supports weight.
  • Can remove defect due to pressure injury, can enter line directly.
  • Nesting and folding structure to reduce recovery costs and storage area.

Sleeve Case

Features of returnable sleeve case

  • Convenient stuffing / extraction by installing door, can enter line directly.
  • Folding structure to reduce recovery costs and storage area.
  • Improve stuffing and product protectiveness by customizing tray or writing paper

Steel Cntr.

Features of returnable steel container

  • Small box and general objects can be replaced with returnable box and sleeve case.
  • Able to apply returnable after customizing objects.
  • Special delivery container according to product shape can also able to design with space-saving design considering recovery logistic costs.

Cost reduction

  • Reduced cost of packaging materials for products compared to disposable packaging.
  • Reduce shipping costs using logistics containers optimized for naval containers.
  • Minimize work shipment by shortening stuffing / extraction time of packaging.

Improve usability

  • Minimize transport work through unit load system.
  • Save manpower in overseas factories by introducing container that can input directly in the factory line.
  • Reduce shipment during packaging compared to disposable logistics container.

Improve functionality

  • Minimize product damage using solid container.
  • Minimize the storage area in the factory by increasing multistage loading.
  • Provide clean visual effect compared to disposable logistics containers.

Reduce management task

  • Able to focus on the duties of customer companies since KCP purchases and manages container
  • Maximize the utilization of space in the factory since KCP executes storage / delivery / recovery
  • Minimize the packaging waste compared to disposable logistics container

Strengthen competitiveness in exporting Korean parts